Site Compatibility and Access Policies

You may select the "Active" or "Safe" viewing mode using the buttons on the home page. Should you need them, updates for your browser are available from Microsoft, Inc. or Netscape Communications, Inc. Following is a brief comparison of the "Safe" vs. "Active" viewing modes. Note also that the "Active" mode may require special browser settings to enable particular features.

"Safe" Mode
"Active" Mode
Browser revision
3 or later
4 or later
approx. WYSIWYG
Download speed
Navigation ease
separate table of contents
dynamic table of contents
mature, safe
(browser might crash!)
New features
simple formatting
Frames, Active content, Java
Information content
mostly available (excluding active items)
all available

The ANSR site is designed in a manner that allows rapid, reliable access to the available information.

Large graphics are accessed via thumbnails or links labeled with file-sizes.

Links to pages with active content are so labeled.

If you have difficulty viewing any parts of the site, and believe that the trouble is not simply a temporary glitch (Internet traffic jams, data loss, and service interruptions do happen!), please state the nature of the problem and specify your browser name and version in an email message by clicking here. Be sure to specify the URL for the problem page.

ANSR believes that the WWW should make information you might want readily available, but does not believe that information should be "pushed". We dislike pages full of clamoring, jumping advertisements and do not use them!

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