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After 15 successful years, ANSR, Inc. ceased operations on December 31, 2010.

As a result, ANSR, Inc.'s sales and services department, ANSR-Works and the related areas have closed, as well. This includes ANSR-Gallery, Audio-ANSRs, Graphics-ANSRs, PC-ANSRs, Photo-ANSRs, and Web-ANSRs. For some time period, and for historical and perhaps other purposes, the ANSR, Inc. website will be kept online.

Many thanks and our best wishes to those who have been customers and clients over the years.

ANSR, Inc. is a small company that can make a large difference in your future. ANSR provides research and consulting in the fields of adaptive/neural networks and applied physics. We have expertise using a variety of research approaches, including

in order to accomplish

We choose the tools and techniques best matched to your problem, and seek attractive, cost-effective solutions. In the process we often combine existing technologies in new ways and, as needed, we extend today's technologies through innovation and invention.

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Latest revision date for the ANSR web pages: 1/3/2011.

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