ANSR, Inc. Celebrates

A brief celebration of some significant events in ANSR's history.

12/31/10 - ANSR, Inc. has closed its doors after 15 successful years of diverse contributions. Many thanks to our supporters, clients, and customers.

9/3/03 - ANSR-Works has grown into a Technical Services Center, providing an even wider range of technical services, including Audio and Photographic services, and PC, graphics and Website support.

5/28/03 - ANSR begins a series of hydrodynamic calculations to assess the feasibility of driving fusion reactions with an ultrasonic shock wave. Our new client, General Fusion, Inc., of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, becomes our first international customer.

11/19/02 - We're proud to announce a spin-off venture: ANSR-Works Digital Processing Center. We offer fine photographic prints through ANSR-Gallery and quality, reasonably priced slide scanning services through Photo-ANSRs.

1/1/02 - We're still here! Entering our eighth year. Looking forward to the projects of 2002.

12/1/01 - Thanks to a machine collocation at ANSR by Impulse Devices, Inc., ANSR's on- premises CPU clocks total more than 12 GHz. That's a factor of 69 growth in clock cycles (and significantly more than that in computing capability) over the past 7 years. The growth rate represents a doubling time of 1.1 years, significantly faster than Moore's "Law" for the computer chip industry itself. This computing capability is used to the max in performing hydrodynamic simulations of sonic fusion.

3/1/01 - The "Tech Bubble" bursts, with the NASDAQ stock index reaching its lowest point in about two years. Only time will tell how severely we'll be tightening our belts. At least it gives us enough breathing time to do a long-needed update of the ANSR web site, and work on other projects that have been deferred by busy-ness... and, we're more available to meet your needs!

1/3/01 - ANSR begins its seventh year of operation with more consulting contracts in place than ever before. Our sixth year was the busiest ever. We're hoping that 2001 will be a rewarding and healthy year for ANSR and for the world at large.

8/31/00 - We welcome the initiation of a consulting agreement with Los Alamos National Laboratory to perform MCNP calculations supporting the design of diagnostics for NIF.

5/6/00 - While the computer Y2K "bite" was minimal, Y2K had another disaster slated for Los Alamos and a large section of New Mexico: the Cerro Grande Fire. Started as a "Prescribed Burn" by the National Park Service, the fire rapidly spread under the dry, windy conditions, and forced evacuations in Los Alamos and nearby Espanola. In Los Alamos, some 400 families lost their homes. Thanks to a massive firefighting effort, much of the community, including ANSR, was largely spared from damage. A close call... ANSR resumed full operations on May 19.

1/1/00 - ANSR greets the year 2000. When a predicted disaster is largely prevented by lots of hard work, do you thank those that averted the disaster or accuse them of making a tempest out of a teapot? We'll go for the "thanks for all the hard work" route. There really were a lot of "cyber-mines" buried in our computers. Enough damage occurred to show what would have happened if there hadn't been lots of preparation. ANSR's negligible losses of data, time, and resources are a point of pride.

11/4/99 - Impulse Devices, Inc. brings ANSR onboard to lead a theoretical and computational investigation of the feasibility of improving upon Sonoluminescence in order to drive fusion. An interesting new project-- and a great way to celebrate the close of ANSR's fifth year in business.

9/7/97 - ANSR was a co-honoree with Whistlesoft, winning an Honorable Mention for "Forces" in a national educational software contest. See news report for more info.

1/3/97 - ANSR CELEBRATES SECOND BIRTHDAY: As a two-year-old company, ANSR takes its place proudly among the (slightly) profitable, and (I believe) significantly successful enterprises of 1996. This year's birthday celebration launches some new features on the ANSR web pages, including the "ANSR Gallery" and the "ANSR Hall of Fame." Best wishes to all for a prosperous, peaceful, healthy, and happy 1997. -wcm

11/96 - ANSR joins Whistlesoft multimedia authoring project, initially working on an undergraduate-level introduction to vectors. This project continued through 1998 and marked the beginning of a long-term relationship between these two companies, including a number of follow-on projects in various fields and of various sizes.

4/96 - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) renews consulting agreement with Dr. Mead to help test and debug the ICF Program's first 3-D hydrodynamics code. This effort grew into a fascinating four-year project, and eventually included tests of two different 3-D codes.

3/96 - ansr.bizpletes Phase I of its six-month DOEd SBIR Project.

1/3/96 - ANSR CELEBRATES FIRST BIRTHDAY: ANSR's Vice President and assistant staff photographer, Mrs. Carol J. Mead, caught the President smiling at his workstation.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Is Dr. Mead smiling because (choose all that apply):
(a) ANSR, Inc. survived its first year,
(b) he likes to solve significant problems using the computer, (and/or)
(c) he just swallowed a canary?

Answer: (a) and (b).

10/95 - ANSR, Inc. begins six-month DOEd SBIR Project on "Development of Neural Network Tools and Techniques for Arithmetic Training of Children with Learning Disabilities"

4/95 - Dr. Mead begins his first independent consulting/research project, a one year agreement with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to help test and debug the ICF Program's first 3-D hydrodynamics code.

1/3/95 - Adaptive Network Solutions Research, Inc. is founded by Dr. William C. Mead in Los Alamos, NM.

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