Excellent Facilities

We're located on beautiful Barranca Mesa in Los Alamos,
New Mexico, USA: "The Land of Enchantment"

Well-equipped, modern office

State-of-the-art PC/Workstations and Laptops

Windows and Linux

Software development systems

  • Microsoft Visual C/C++/J++
  • Compaq Visual FORTRAN
  • Gnu FORTRAN/C/C++/Java (Free Software Foundation; many thanks!)

Wired LAN Ethernet at 100 Mbps

Cable modem to Internet at 1 Mbps

Library and Internet Access

  • ANSR Library: strong in support of physics, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Chaos, AI, and computer science
  • LANL Library: very strong in many areas of physics and engineering
  • UNM Library: useful collections in business, education, and several other fields
  • Internet access to databases and libraries around the world

Support, physics, NN, and utility software

Solid procedures to ensure data-integrity and security

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