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CASA, Inc. - Now a part of HNC Software, Inc., the Center for Adaptive Systems Applications develops software solutions that help companies make intelligent, automated decisions, especially in customer relations.

Chaos, Chaotic Processes - Chaos is a whole new field that studies eratic, but semi-predictable behavior in complex physical systems. More information about chaos can be found by following this branch to the CNLS web site.

CHC-Net - A neural network coinvented by Drs. R. D. Jones and W. C. Mead. This network, called the Connectionist Hyperprism Classification Net, can learn to classify objects that can be represented in a computer. The network has proven capable of interpreting sensor signals for applications as diverse as environmental monitoring and highway vehicle traffic monitoring.

CNLS - Both a fascinating place to do science, called the Center for Non-Linear Studies, and a very capable neural network (see below). The CNLS hosts a collection of talented scientists and students doing theoretical research in areas of chaos, complexity, and adaptive networks. You can learn more about this intriguing place by visiting CNLS on the WWW.

CNLS-Net - A neural network coninvented by Drs. R. D. Jones, C. W. Barnes, Y. C. Lee, and W. C. Mead, with contributions from many talented PhD students at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The full name of the network, the Connectionist Normalized Local Spline Network, describes its operating principles while its initials tell of its place of "birth" (see above). CNLS Net is available to help with your conceptual computing needs through applications development by ANSR, Inc.

Complexica, Inc. - A leading company in applying the science of complexity to business processes. Founded by Dr. Roger D. Jones (one of Dr. Mead's former colleagues at LANL, now a consultant of ANSR, Inc.) and Dr. John L. Casti (a well-known author and a member of the External Faculty at the Santa Fe Insitute). Learn more about this dynamic company at the Complexica web site.

Complexity Science - Provides a new understanding of complex, emergent phenomena. Can help in understanding and responding to a wide range of problems in biology, physics, economics, and business. More information can be found at the website of the Santa Fe Institute.

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