Leader of Successful Team Research Efforts

Dr. Mead has led several productive and successful team efforts that performed pioneering computational, theoretical, and experimental ICF physics, including:

Lead Designer for Cairn 100x Campaign on the Argus and Shiva lasers at LLNL.

Argus Physics Project Leader for the Argus laser at LLNL. Dr. Mead and his colleagues designed and analyzed two major experiments on (1) wavelength scaling and (2) electron transport. These experiments were among the first to demonstrate the benefits of using shorter wavelength lasers.

This photo depicts a memento of the Argus Electron Transport Experiment. The actual laser target being carried in the back of the truck is constructed of layered Be over CH, surrounded by a large Ti washer (the washer is 4 mm in diameter). The truck is laser-cut from lead glass, and is definitely one-of-a-kind!

The Novette Scaling Project at LLNL. This effort included a wide variety of experiments on laser-target interactions and target design physics.

The KrF Working Group at LANL. This small working group performed the target physics and design calculations for the fledgling KrF laser program at LANL. One key prediction of this work was that future, large-scale laser targets would experience the same density gradient steepening that occurs in current targets.

The Target Physics and Design Section at LANL. Built on the successful start of the KrF Working Group, this cadre of several physicists provided all of LANL's short-wavelength target theory and design, under Dr. Mead's leadership, and with various organizational names, for more than four years.

Deputy Group Leader of X-1 at LANL. X-1 was a group of some forty physicists within the Applied Physics Division at LANL. Dr. Mead served as Deputy Group Leader under two different group leaders over a period of about three years.

Dr. Mead was a key spokesman for LANL's ICF program for seven years and through three major National ICF Reviews. In some very important issues, the review committees adopted views that overlapped strongly with positions advocated by Dr. Mead.

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