Selected Technical Reports and Presentations

Dr. William C. Mead

ANSR, Inc.

"Development of Neural Network Tools and Techniques for Arithmetic Training of Children with Learning Disabilities: Phase I -- Theory and Simulations," William C. Mead, ANSR, Inc. Rpt. FR-ED9702 (February, 1997); related presentation: (same title), 1997 American Educational Research Association Meeting (Chicago, March 24-28, 1997). More online info here.

"Hydrodynamic Simulations for a Prototypical Sonoluminescent Air-Bubble-in-Water Example," William C. Mead, ANSR, Inc. Rpt. SL_Ex1 (August, 2000). Download available.

"Preliminary Design Calculations for an LiD/D2 Sonically Driven Reactor Core to Produce Detectable Fusion Reactions," William C. Mead, ANSR, Inc. Rpt. SF_00 (October, 2000); related presentation: "Could Sonic Cavitation Drive Fusion Reactions?" William C. Mead, American Physical Society, 2000 Division of Plasma Physics Meeting (Quebec City, October 23-27, 2000). More online info here.

"Assessment of Neutron and Gamma-Ray Scattering Background in the NIF Target Chamber for a Proposed Capsule Rho-r Diagnostic," William C. Mead, ANSR, Inc. Rpt. Apr36_Ph_I (November, 2000). Download available.

Plus many others!

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