Selected Invited and International Talks

Dr. William C. Mead

ANSR, Inc.

"Behavior of Fluid Instabilities in Laser Fusion Pellets: Results of 2-D Calculations," W. C. Mead and J. D. Lindl, Invited talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter, Tilton School, Tilton, NH (Aug. 18-22, 1975).

"Simulations of Intermediate and High Density Laser Fusion Targets," W. C. Mead, J. D. Lindl, J. H. Nuckolls, J. T. Larsen, D. S. Bailey, and Y. L. Pan, Eleventh European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter, Oxford, England (Sept. 19-23, 1977).

"Physics of Inertial Confinement Pellets," W. C. Mead, Invited talk at the 1979 March Meeting of the American Physical Society, Chicago, IL (March 19-23, 1979).

"Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in ICF Pellets: Issues in Theory and Simulation," W. C. Mead, C.E.C.A.M. Conference on Theory and Simulation of Laser-Plasma Interactions, Monthou-sur-Cher, France (Sept. 22-24, 1980).

"Electron Transport in Laser-Produced Plasmas," W. C. Mead, Invited Paper at the 1983 Fall Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics, Los Angeles, California (Nov. 7-11, 1983).

"Analysis, Modeling, and Design of Short-Wavelength Laser-Plasma Experiments," W. C. Mead, Invited Paper at the 1985 Fall Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics, San Diego, California (Nov. 4-8, 1985).

"Laser-Matter Interaction Studies Using a Multi-Kilojoule KrF Laser at Los Alamos," W. C. Mead, L. S. Blair, D. C. Cartwright, S. V. Coggeshall, L. Foreman, P. D. Goldstone, J. A. Hanlon, A. Hauer, R. Kristal, J. McLeod, L. M. Montierth, L. A. Rosocha, and A. Young, Review Paper at the Eighteenth European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter, Prague, Czechoslovakia (May 4-8, 1987).

"A Current Prediction of the ICF Gain Curve, Its Uncertainties, and Implications for ICF Strategy," W. C. Mead, B. Bezzerides, S. V. Coggeshall, M. Cray, H. N. Fisher, N. M. Hoffman, and G. R. Magelssen, Thirteenth I.A.E.A. Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research, Washington, DC (Oct. 1-6, 1990), IAEA-CN-53/B-3-4.

"Nonlinear Adaptive Networks: A Little Theory, A Few Applications," W. C. Mead, R. D. Jones, Y. C. Lee, S. Qian, C. W. Barnes, K. R. Bisset, G. M. Bruce, G. W. Flake, K. Lee, L. A. Lee, M. K. O'Rourke, I. Poli, and L. E. Thode, Invited Paper at Workshop on Nonlinear Modeling and Forecasting, Santa Fe, New Mexico (September, 1990).

"Adaptive Optimization and Control Using Neural Networks," W. C. Mead, S. K. Brown, R. D. Jones, P. S. Bowling, and C. W. Barnes, Invited Paper at International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems, Berlin, Germany (October, 1993).

Plus many others!

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